5 Easy Fixes to Enhance Your Computer Performance After Virus Removal

Last Friday, Microsoft released an optional update for the latest version of Windows 10, the version 1903 (or May 2019 Update) in the form of the build 18362.329 This patch brought a lot of quality fixes and the release notes didn’t indicate any known issues, but some users have since been complaining about some unusual CPU spikes after installing this update. In this guide, I will share my tips on securing domain admins, local administrators, audit policies, monitoring AD for compromise, password policies, vulnerability scanning and much more. At the Sign-in Options screen, click the link to Update Your Security Questions (Figure H). Then use the drop-down menus to decide when to delete files from the recycle bin and Downloads folder. Once you’ve figured out what the main space hogs are, you can clear them out quickly and easily using the Windows Storage settings.

You’ll then be able to select which drive you want to clean up, and choose which temporary file types you want to delete. In addition to Windows Update, the settings also relate to delivery optimization and energy management. Right-click the newly created key, select New, and click the Key option. On the taskbar or in the Settings window, enter UAC in the search box and then, in the search results list, click User Account Control Settings.

Display options for update notifications: Use these settings to completely disable update notifications with the option to include or exclude restart warnings. When we compared the Spin 5 to other touchscreen laptops within the same price range, the Spin 5 crushed the competition when it comes to performance, display quality and port offerings – this Acer laptop has a whopping 8 ports to serve all your peripheral and data transfer needs.

On this page make sure you have Storage selected in the left-hand column, then flip the Storage Sense toggle to Off. Go here to control what diagnostic data Windows 10 gathers. You may also want to make sure the touch screen laptop has a sufficient number of ports to make file transferring a smooth experience. When testing the best touch screen laptops in our lab, we focus on the display. Once you complete the steps, automatic updates will be disabled on Windows 10. However, when a new update becomes available, you’ll receive a notification to download and install updates manually from the Windows Update settings page.

Touch screens are a staple of modern computing, but not every laptop has one. Starting with the Creators Update , Microsoft now allows you to define up to 18 hours of each day as off limits” and prevent automatic restarts during those hours. Let’s take a look at different ways to lock down user accounts in Windows 10. Files are not removed until you click the Remove Files” button. A smaller change can be found in the Settings app, specifically in System -> About.

Just keep in mind also that Microsoft is far from the only company doing this, so if you turn them off in Windows, be sure to turn them off in the other apps and devices you use too ( including OS X and your browser ). Of course, the only way to keep all your data is to never connect to the internet at all—so good luck with that. Not all devices have the same tabs, and some devices do not offer the ability to view or modify the device driver.

No wonder there are ongoing issues on what data Windows 10 actually collects, and with Microsoft’s latest commitment to pare this down to the basic level that is necessary to keep your Windows 10 devices secure and up to date” according to Terry Myerson , EVP of the Windows and Devices Group. The Programs and Features screen will come up. You can see all the softwares installed on your computer in the list on this screen.

So, let us delve into the methods to make the background image of the sign in screen clear. Double-click on the configuration listing named as Phone-PC linking on this device to open the configuration page. Jul 20, 2019 With Microsoft AutoUpdate deleted, Microsoft AutoUpdate will no longer be on the Mac or run to update software automatically. Now set "Show clear login background" to "On" and then click "OK." You must restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Uncheck the Show notification banners” option and leave Show notifications in action center” enabled. Instead of that, it only shows a preparing windows” (visible around 30-40 seconds) wikidll.com/microsoft/olecnv32-dll message and then it directly opens your user account. On the first Cortana screen, under ‘Talk to Cortana’ we disabled the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature, the keyboard shortcut, and allowing Cortana to work with the device locked, which should protect from the exploit described above.

It fixes a performance issue in Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) that prevented it from working correctly for many users, and another issue that prevented cleaning tools, such as Disk Cleanup, from removing previously installed updates. If using Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise, the best way to disable background blur is to use the Local Group Policy Editor. If you’re comfortable typing command lines, it’s actually a lot faster to create a local account on Windows 10 using Command Prompt.

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