Tabasco a Very Hot Slot

Spicy Slots

The brand new infernal machines have already been presented in Las Vegas Casinos, but the step from Las Vegas Strip to virtual Casinos is very short, so it is a matter of a few months to be able to play even in the best casinos on the web, with the new spicy ones slots.

The most pungent is the Tabasco slot machine, inspired by the famous Mexican hot salsa. The game features all the symbols with the hottest foods on Earth: from Habanero to pepper and garlic sauce, very tasty dishes such as pan-fried and grilled fish, all, of course, seasoned with a decidedly spicy sauce !!

But the peculiarities of this new slot are:

1. The Tabasco diamond, with its appearance, some symbols of the game will take shape and animate before your eyes.

2. Yowza, the annoying mosquito that will become pleasant when you see three lined up on the reels, equivalent to precious bonus credits.

3. Tabasco Country Store and Kitchen with Claude two bonus games.

4. With at least three countries in the Mexican region of Tabasco we access a second screen set in a typical Mexicana shop, where we have to take as many typical products as we want. Here there will be other sauces, obviously, very spicy, which you cannot miss.

But the novelties of the new Tabasco slot are not finished, we want to let you discover them for yourself by playing with one of the best virtual casinos that presents this new sensational slot machine.

New Slot with 3D effects

Microgaming, the popular software-house specializing in online games, presented its latest creation, Slot Real 3D.
Don’t be fooled by the name, this is not a three dimensional slot machine, but a hybrid of a traditional slot machine and amazing 3D effects. Too bad, that to see it in action you need special goggles like those to see movies in 3D. Definitely inconvenient to find for those who play from home, given that this new slot is available only in virtual casinos and not in traditional ones.
But as is well known, madness has no limits. This new slot machine does not differ much from the already existing UAE casino sites slots. The 3D effects are present only in certain phases of the game, such as: when you line up bars or particular combinations, a 3D movie starts, when you win you see the tokens animate and from one step to another when you manage to overcome various phases of game. After that, the 3D effects continue to repeat themselves indefinitely, the player risks entering an area of ​​endless twilight. Basically, it is enough to see it just once to grasp all its extraordinary visual and sound effects. In fact, in addition to video effects, the new slot has special audio effects, definitely unique in its kind.
In addition, there is the problem of goggles to see the game in 3D. If you don’t have a 3D TV, you should go and spend some money to play the new Real 3D slot or wait patiently for the casino to ship the glasses !!
Sterling Silver is the name of this new 3D effects slot, available from June 2011, only in casinos supported by Microgaming software. It should be noted that not everyone will have this new slot immediately. But in the course of the months it will be integrated in almost all the rooms.

Virtual Tokens Scam at Bar Video Slots

Virtual Euros! Virtual tokens to cheat video poker and bar slot machines.
This scam happened in Italy, more precisely to the managers of public places in Brescia.
A gang of Romanians targeted video poker and slot machines in bars using «virtual tokens», basically brass washers cut with the same weight and shape from a 1 Euro coin.
The Carabinieri have seized 1300 virtual tokens, therefore equal to a potential of 1300 euros to be invested to play the video slots of the bars.
The virtual chips were used to deceive the artificial intelligence of the video slots of the bars and public places in the area. The gang used the tokens to aim for easy winnings by cashing out real euros !!
During a police check, one of the criminals took half an hour of playing at a slot machine in a bar to win 189 euros. Playing twenty five virtual chips.
The scam against the video slots of the bars was thwarted last December 10th 2010. So there is a very high probability that many virtual tokens are still inside unsuspecting machines.

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